Wednesday, June 10, 2009

It's really Wednesday...

but I'm going to do my Ten for Tuesday today, since I didn't have time/forgot to do it yesterday.
Here goes:
1) I'm doing the Shred dvd and it is hard core. But then I transform into an idiot and go running with the walking group at church. (Maybe twice the exercise= twice the results?)
2) I am re-reading Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince before the movie comes out. And I'm not gonna lie, I still tear up when I get to the part where Dumbledore dies. And I still get angry at Snape, even though I know the ending.
3)It took me 5 alarms to get up this morning. I wish I could be one of those people who hops out of bed the minute the alarm goes off. Maybe I'll see if I can't train myself to do that.
4)My friends have so generously responded to my message about photographing their children for my portfolio. I love it! I get to practice taking pictures of kids and they get a free shoot where the only thing they have to pay for is any pictures that they want.
5)I have discovered that I am obsessed with the exclamation point! I use it more often than I should! I just happen to think that everything that I say deserves exclamation!
6)I have recently had to cut back on my coffee consumption which, if you know me, is horrible. But I would rather drink less coffee than have my heart racing after 2 cups. So, I stop at 1 1/2 for now. And so far, I haven't killed anyone.
7)I feel like every muscle in body is screaming. But in the best possible way.
8)My cousin is graduating high school next week and leaving for college the following week for 6 weeks. She's like my sister and I will be so sad that she is 2 1/2 hours away at Bloomsburg but I am so excited for her to enjoy every minute of college.
9) I looked at my calendar and every single weekend is taken from here until K&C's wedding. Will I ever get down the shore?
10)I have to be at work early today, which means I will get to leave early today, so I have to go get ready.
Have a great day!


  1. I am soooooo frustrated! So, I was rocking the Shred, and b/c I tend to lose quickly, I measured on Monday and lost 4 INCHES off my waist! omg!

    And then I had some bizarre stomach virus/blood sugar issue/god-knows-what yesterday, and all day I felt really really sick unless I ate something. So ALL day long yesterday, all I did was eat and eat and eat to make the pain in my stomach stop. This morning? Those 4 inches are all back. Sigh.

  2. Ok, I must look into this Shred video. Although, I hate working out. A lot.

    I want to go to the beach too, and most of my weekends are already booked--waaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhh!!!

  3. yeah, still on level one - I can't even do all the pushups! I want to be able to do everything with good form until I move on. I've heard level two is a bitch.