Tuesday, April 06, 2010

on you marks, get set,

i wrote on facebook last night that i wanted to put my goals for this year on paper. i was a bit of a slacker though, because my totally rad cousin texted me to hang out. so, i skipped out of my own assignment and went to panera, but it was completely worth it.

back to my goals.
i wouldn't necessarily Note to self: never walk away from the computer in the middle of a sentence. but if you are going to walk away, make it for a while so that when you come back, you can look at it with new eyes.

digression over.

i have been working very hard on my photography recently as i was encouraged by my friend becca to step it up a notch. i learned how to use all the manual settings on the nikon and i have been teaching myself photoshop. i am determined to be the best photographer that i am capable of being. i have been reading books about exposure and aperture and iso.

i have been working on these things to work towards my big goal for 2010. over the next few weeks, i will be coming up with a business name (any suggestions would be kindly appreciated), creating a photography blog (separate from this one with the intention of posting to both), and hopefully building a website.

i am really excited to have something that i am passionate about and, according to those around me, more than half-way decent to be working on. i know that it won't be easy. i know that there will be bumps in the road. but i am ready to take a step. to work towards something.

and i hope that you will join me for the ride.

Monday, April 05, 2010

Quick Post

I just wanted to post a few shots from my fantastically fun weekend.I dogsat one of my favorite pups, Archer the pug...

And this one I got while laying on the concrete, in my Easter outfit, outside of church. And I really kind of love it!
Have a great Monday!