Thursday, October 10, 2002

wow! it's so wierd to have your two best do-anything-for-friends from childhood to be mommies. leeann had her baby this morning at around 6 am and now she is a very happy, but very single, mommy. i tried to write a letter to her the other day, but i couldn't even figure out where to start. its been so long since ive talked to her that its like i dont know her anymore...which is true. its not like i could just start off with "hey!! how are you?!" and go into 20 questions and then just tell her about my life. its just not fair...why do people have to drift apart? why can't stay in touch with those who mean so much to us? why does it have to take someone having a baby and being "alone" have to be what kinda pulls us back to wanting to be back in touch with the person? why can't life be like the second grade when you knew who your friends where and no one was having babies, and all it took was a letter or phone call to make you friends again?