Friday, October 04, 2002

Tuesday, October 01, 2002

so, i had a pretty good weekend. did absolutely nothing on saturday and then yesterday, i spent the entire day, making my notebook a collage...i have to admit it looks pretty cool. last night, however, i had forgotten completely about the lit. test that i had today! so, at midnight, renee and i started studying for the test and did so until about 2:15 when our brains would no longer gave a damn whether or not cotton mather even lived. we just didnt care, so, roommate studying time turned into roommate bedtime. it was quite nice actually. today, i got to talk to jessie, who's in italy right now! i was so excited, i miss her, but she's having a good time, so thats cool, but i expect her to smuggle some stereotypical, hot italian man for me. i know, keep dreaming, and i will, every night...
we moved our room around AGAIN! that makes three times so far and we have only been here for 5 weeks or so. and what a change ive made since the beginning of the semester. i have alot of trouble adjusting to new things, so even though i had been here all summer, i had to adjust to all the new people, a new roommate(who is wonderful ;), by the way), and a whole bunch of adjustments. but finally, a month later, i am adjusted.
im very tired now, with staying up to study last night, so it is off to bed...goodnight!