Saturday, January 31, 2009

Time may change me...

It has finally happened, my friends. I have finally found the moxie, and the new job, to get me to leave my current job. My last day at school will be February 13th and I know it is going to be a very sad, emotional day for me. I have become such good friends with some of my co-workers, that I can't imagine going a day without seeing and talking to them. I really was blessed with such great friendships and I hope that they will continue to grow long after leaving. I gave my notice yesterday and just cried and cried all day. I know I complained often about how I wasn't where I wanted to be, but now that the time has come, I am so sad and so scared. Scared of the unknown, of the new and different.
But I am excited for the new opportunities and experiences that will be presented to me. For the doors that will be open to me. What is this new opportunity, you ask? Well, I will be the personal/executive assistant to the Executive Vice President of a christian counseling center. Mostly office work, organizing, filing, phone, email... typical assistant stuff. But I will also be responsible for marketing letters and typing up contracts. Wow. Big. Exciting. Overwhelming.
No more snack time at 10 and 3. No more 2 hour down time when the kids are sleeping. No more hugs and kisses and "I love you, miss Susie." I'm going to miss that the most. When the kids come in with a picture they drew just for me. When they come running up to me with hugs because they missed me even though I was only gone for 30 minutes. Laughing with my friends. Helping a child solve a problem. Meeting developmental and emotional goals. Okay, so I won't miss the diapers, the crying, the peeing on the floor, the overwhelming number of kids. But I will count my time there as one of the best experiences of my life. It is time to move and move on I will.
I could stay there for a long time and be safe and comfortable and marginally happy. But I would not be obedient to God's will who has called me to move on and rise to a new challenge. So, if it's a choice between obedience and disobedience, the choice is clear. It just so much harder.
Sorry for the really long blog but apparently I had a lot to clear out of my mind. Thanks for taking the time to read, to listen to me babble and to support me.