Saturday, October 31, 2009

Do Good Intentions Write a Blog?

I didn't think so. I have no other excuse for myself other than being slightly busy with baby-sitting, seeing friends with their 4 day old babies, booking photo shoots, working, and just lazing around. (Wow! I just made myself look really busy!)
But really, there hasn't been much going on here but next week I have two shoots and the following week I have an e-session and a birthday party! I can't wait to post pics from all these upcoming events!

So, I'm having a bit of trouble with the fact that next year, I will be turning 30. I don't even like saying it. I mean, crisis mode, do-something-wild-and-crazy kind of trouble. I've thought about a tattoo, a nose ring, packing up and moving somewhere warmer...

Can you see that!? Isn't it fabulous?! After I do the "big reveal" at church tomorrow, I will post more obvious pictures.

Until then, have any of you had a hard time with getting older? What age has been the most difficult so far?