Tuesday, October 21, 2003

Anguish. That's the only emotion that properly describes how I'm feeling now.
How do things like this happen? My best friend from like forever, is pregnant again. And spare the sarcasm of "Well, when a mommy and a daddy love each other..." because it doesn't apply here. The dad is apparently a jack-ass and the father of her first child. She's pregnant with twins and she's 7 months pregnant, planning to give the babies away, because as a single mother, she just wants the best for her 2 little girls that she loves very much, enough to give them the kind of home that she can't. God, it makes me so angry! Why do these kind of things have to happen. The one silver lining to this stormy cloud is that she will be moving up here, at least until the girls are born, from South Carolina, so it will give us a chance to patch things up. We really haven't seen each other since she moved in 96, and we haven't talked for almost that long. I just hope that when her babies grow up, they will know that their mommy loved them very much.