Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Ten on Tuesday

I forgot that I was going to write ten things on Tuesday as a way to keep up with my blog as learned of from Mauby's and The Blue Door as a way to keep a consistent update of my blog. But two things happened tonight.
One- I came up with a topic on my own.
Two- I was lazy and didn't feel like putting in the effort to come up with 10 fascinating points for the day.
So, hopefully, I will remember and do it next week. And the reason is simple. I absoLUTEly love making lists.
Check back soon!

How much is too much?

I was watching My Boys tonight (which I highly recommend, it's hilarious) and they were talking about Facebook and virtual friendships. One of the characters, "Kenny," updated his status when he went to the bathroom and then again when he was finished. It made me wonder, how much information is too much? I could extol the virtues of social networking by claiming that I get to keep more in touch with friends that I might not very well see often. Which is true. But what about when I am working and tweeting or updating my status about doing laundry? Do people really find all of that interesting?
I could also say that it helps me get my photography out there. Which is also true. But where do you draw the line? When do you say "enough is enough."
Any thoughts on virtual oversharing from the virtual world?