Saturday, June 06, 2009

Lazy Chick's Post

Ok, so I am totally cheating with this post but, there you have it, it is what it is, and all those other cliche's about, basically, taking the easy way out. I get home at night after having been on the computer all day at work, and I just can't sit and blog. I really want to, honest I do. Because you all know how much I love having everyone know as much about me as possible! Maybe my goal should be weekend blogging. Although, with this photography "thing" I should be posting more anyway!

I have a proposition for my friends that have young children/toddlers, babies, or newborns. I am really trying to break into the photography niche of children. I would love it if you gave me the opportunity to come photograph your child. This would serve a few purposes. 1) I would be able to hone my skills of portrait shooting, 2) you would get a very low cost (only the cost of the photos) photo shoot and 3) I would have photos to add to my portfolio. If you have any interest at all, please comment on this note or send me a fb message and we can talk from there.
Remember, if you want to preserve your child's early years through photographs, please contact me.
Thank you so much!

*Note~ This offer is good for friends and family through the end of July with photos having to be taken some time this summer.

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  1. If you haven't already - post this on fb too! :)