Sunday, September 20, 2009

Picture of the Week

I'm totally stealing this idea from Becca... I hope you're okay with that! I know that I don't always have my camera on me, which is a cause for consternation, by the way. So I know I won't get a picture a day. But I at least get a couple in during the week. I am definitely going to try to remember to update at least once a week with this new Picture of the Week feature.
Here's my first picture that I took on Thursday.

Taken at work, against the black cabinet in my office.


  1. i'm absolutely ok with it! I stole the idea from others anyway. Some do a POTD as a self portrait - 365 self portraits... Others do all b&w (which I might do for a month or so - just all b&w). I figure it gets me out there and taking more pics this way!

  2. I love the idea! And I love that Banana :-)