Wednesday, September 23, 2009


I am more than a little narcissistic. I want everyone to know what I am doing, why I am doing that, what led me to decide that this was the right thing to do, and my feelings attributed to said event. But I am equal opportunity. I fully expect you to read my facebook status/tweet/blog update but you better believe that I will be manically checking yours for an update. It's one of the reasons why I read so many blogs. And the list just keeps on growing.
Because of my narcissism, I wanted everyone to know that I was grumpy today. I wanted to tell everyone how sad I was because I have all this time to myself and how I want someone to share it with. How I want a mate to share everything with and children that laugh at how silly their parents are while they dance around the kitchen to the oldies station. How I went running to try to get all that out but instead I wanted to share a blog with you that I found today.
If you are an obsessive blog reader like I am, then you are well aware of what happens when you read a blog. Especially if you like their style of writing. This happened today. I stumbled upon site after site after site of people's musings. Of them sharing intimate moments. it was one of these moments that I feel privileged enough to know about. This is Sheye. Sheye is a photographer who lives in Australia. I was reading all about Sheye and her family and her photography, which you should check out, and this one name kept popping up. Ava. Stories about Ava's life. Pictures that froze Ava at 3 and a half. I investigated. And then I dug out the tissues. What I found was this, Ava's Legacy. If you like to peer into other people's worlds(which, if you are reading this, is obvious) then please check it out. But make sure you have plenty of tissues.

Consider my "Woe-is-me" attitude in check.

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