Friday, May 22, 2009

Fun Fact Friday?

Ok, so I was reminded that I never followed through with my Ten Thing Tuesday.
That's my fact number 1... I have really good intentions but I have a hard time following through with them.
2. I like my job but sometimes I wonder if I should go into photography as a career.
3. I went car shopping last night and felt utterly frustrated. What I want, what I can afford, and what I am willing to pay all come out to three different numbers.
4. I really want to live by myself... and I would love to have my own place... until the right guy came along. I want to experience living alone before I deal with living with a spouse and children.
5. I cry whenever I go to the beach. The first time the smell of brine hits my nose and I see those waves crashing on the sand, I tear up and need a moment to myself.
6. I am a slob. That's right people. I have very good intentions and I really like a clean room, but it's the follow through I lack (see number 1).
7. I lost 60 lbs 2 years ago but I still feel like the "fat girl" and I'm not sure if I'll ever shake that.
8. I miss my kids from school. And my friends from school. But not the paperwork. Or the pay. Or the headaches, pee, and things that I will not mention here.
9. Ok, so this isn't something new. I am obsessed/addicted to coffee. And everyone at work has learned that and has offered to get me counseling.
10. I am going bridesmaid shopping tomorrow. And I am super excited to try on dresses and can't wait till K&C's wedding.

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  1. I like your fun facts. Coffee is a healthy addiction and don't let anyone tell you otherwise.