Monday, December 02, 2002

i hate the fact that the last two weeks of the semester are going to fly by even faster than the whole semester did. i hate it because it seemed to zoom by...where to? some time/space continuum or something. i have to do so much stuff that i have no time to do let alone even think about. i have to talk to fin. aid about finding more loan money or talk to them about my options for commuting. argh.
by the way...thanksgiving break was nice and restful, hence the reason to not want to be back.
another by the bestest best friend from high school/up until about 2 years ago is pregnant...7 months!!! she is due jan. 14 which so happens to be the same day that Eddie(my bro) leaves for the army.
why are all my friends from high school having babies? besides the fact that i am getting old(thank you sara and sabrina, but 22 is NOT old!) i mean the ones that aren't married.
oaky, headache from stress and too much caffeine, i need sleep.

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