Saturday, December 07, 2002

I guess it's safe to say that I am going to be a commuter next semester. It makes perfect sense for me to do it, it's just going to be a tough transition to make. When I went to Financial Aid yesterday, they told me that if lived at home, I would receive the same aid that I am getting now but I wouldn't have to pay for room and board. We figured out that I would only have to pay roughly $200 for the spring semester compared to the almost $3000 that I had to pay this semester. Not only that but I still owe about $2500 for this semester, so I have to come up with that money before I can register for classes. It'll be rough but I think that I can manage it. So, here's the deal, yes, I am upset about it because I will miss being around friends and having them close by me and no, I do not need anyone else making me feel bad about it, I can do that perfectly fine on my onwn. But, on a selfish note...I wouldn't mind hearing a little bit of how much I will be missed!

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