Wednesday, October 23, 2002

i hate how every semester, i can't register for classes on time because i don't get enough money from the school and my parents have $0 to give and i can only give $100 every 2 weeks! it's so frustrating, i would love it if i got more from the school or if my parents didn't have the financial problems they do, and if i didn't have the ones that i did. 22 is way to young to be in debt. i wonder at what age you can technically file for banruptcy...not that i would want to do that, but it may be my only viable option. this is why i think that living at home and commuting would be my best bet. i could save money by living there and have a job where i make more money and then i can pay for college, not worry about the astronomical cost of living in a dorm, buy a car, and still have money to pay off my bills. that would be nice. although i really would miss living on campus, that's my favorite part of college. oh well, we shall see.


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