Monday, September 02, 2002

so far, this semester has been going very well, mood wise. i really dont understand it, but i think being around sarcastic, bitter people all summer is what made my moods so random. now being around people who are pretty even tempered, its better. the only problem that i really have that i need to work on is that i get into these places where i go online looking for people to satisfy me through chat and through certain websites and i know that those things are not right and that God has something much better for me in the future. i dont know what the draw is but i am reading a book about how, once you open the door to sexual love as opposed to Godly love, while still trying to remain pure, you open yourself up to sexual temptation and frustration. i wish that i could go back to when i was 14 or whatever and decided to hang out with different people so that i could have stayed ignorant about sex. i wish that i could go back to when i was 15 and stopped a guy from making me do things i really didnt want to do. i wish that i could, but i cant. if anyone has any advice as to how i can stop from being tempted, please, let me know!

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