Monday, August 26, 2002

i think i'm manic depressive or whatever it is they call it now. i was actually in a good mood today, which these days is out of the norm for me, and then i found out that as of friday, i am no longer employed at my current job. i knew it was going to happen, that they would hire someone full time who isnt a student, but i just didnt think it would happen this soon. it was a job that i really didnt like but i guess when you've been anywhere for a year, being told that you are no longer working there is still gonna hurt.
i've also come to the conclusion that at the end of last semester i said i was okay not being an RA, i was completely lying to myself and to my friends. it hurts, when i go to visit my RA friends and i think that i could be doing it or when i see the ones that really shouldnt be, but are anyway, i think of how much better i could do at there job than they are doing. i guess its just this whole rejection thing that i dont like, whatever. i just really dont give a damn. i'm tired and i am so sick of this crap.

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