Tuesday, August 24, 2010

a little too much honesty

i am feeling twitchy this morning. actually, i've been feeling twitchy this past month.
i dove right in to working long hours and weekends... at my regular job. i'm finding that i am starting to like it. after 18 months. this is all good, except for the extra long hours.

the not so good? i am a strong, confident woman. i know what i want out of life. but i chicken out. i am afraid to ask for what i want, for fear of being told "no." and that is a word that i don't hear very often. (perhaps because i don't do a lot of asking.) -so, what's the question? maybe it's asking for a raise. or time off because of all the extra time i have been putting in. asking for a date. maybe it's that i don't want to let people down. maybe it's because i have lived a relatively charmed existence. not that i haven't had struggles, because there have been plenty.

i'm sure i am not alone in these feelings. but how does one move forward? how does one muster up the courage to go after what they want, and not be afraid of rejection?

any advice?


  1. stop thinking about the possibility of rejection or failing and just do it. Stop weighing the risks. Be spontaneous!

    “The person who risks nothing, does nothing, has nothing, is nothing, and becomes nothing. He may avoid suffering and sorrow, but he simply cannot learn and feel and change and grow and love and live.”

  2. if it's something you really want, need, or think is fair or feel like you deserve, then take a deep breath and just do it!!! go for it! go after it!! JUMP!! :)

  3. recently i was getting ready to go on a date (a first date, which no one likes), and i reallllly wanted to chicken out at the last minute, b/c i HATE social awkwardness and there were just several things going against this working out (and i was right, it didn't), but i said to myself: i can either spend today being comfortable and doing the normal crap i always do, and someday i will not even remember it, or i can weather the uncomfortable-ness for a while, and do something that will stand out and make a memory...and someday when i'm old and have year upon year to doodle around, i'll WISH i had gone on more dates and things of that nature. :) i don't know it that antecdote helps at all, but i'm just sharing an example of how i often have to give myself talkings-tos in order to get brave. it often works!