Wednesday, May 19, 2010

holy 1993!

i was feeling antsy and a little down tonight. which is weird, considering i had a pretty great day at work... had a good talk with a coworker, who was so encouraging and received a compliment that lifted my spirits. but, i didn't know how to make that feeling last. the feeling that all is right with my world. i crashed pretty hard due to a copious amount of coffee and a poor night's sleep. it was starting to get ugly. so, on the recommendation of a friend, i put on some music and i set out to read a book. the book made it worse... it was too- mushy, sentimental. i threw the book across my bed and decided to clean out my closets.
i ended up finding some pretty junky stuff that moved with me from the house i grew up in, to college, to the house my parent's live in, to being shoved in the closet of where i live now. trinkets from my childhood, items from my trip to Europe in high school, cards and letters from college. hello, memory lane!
one such item that i found was my journal from 1993... oh, 13. i must admit, i was pretty embarrassed for my 13 year old self. and my 14 year old self. talking about crushes on boys. oh, the crushes on boys. And each one was "the one." for example: okay, forget that... too embarrassing. maybe, if you're lucky, i will throw some excerpts on here... maybe.

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  1. LOL!! i found my high school journal a couple of years ago, read a few pages and shoved it back into the box of junk, oh i mean old stuff/momentos :), i found it in. i was soooo embarrassed for myself. seriously. laughing and cringing. i know just how you felt!