Thursday, April 29, 2010

in ten years

becca tagged me in her post about where she'll be in ten years and now i'm supposed to make my own post about where i'll be in ten years. bear with me... if i thought turning 30 is hard, in ten years, that three will look strangely like a four. when i think about where i will be in 2020 (whoa!), it makes me think of where i was in 2000. i had just finished up at community college and hadn't quite embarked on my crazy "real college experience." i lived in the home that i grew up in. i was fat (this is important... it shaped who i am). i was insecure and very loud. now i'm just very loud with a few insecurities.
based on the fact that i am not even close to where i thought i would be at the cusp of 30 (have i mentioned that i'm turning 30, yet?) i find it hard to guess what i will be doing on the edge of 40. but i can at least have fun thinking about it...
  1. be married... and head over heels in love (with the same person!)
  2. full time photographer who can pick and choose the jobs i want and still have a blast doing them
  3. not be working at a 9-5 job (see above)
  4. have babies... my own and through adoption. and because of number 2, i would be able to be with them during the day
  5. traveled extensively. all over the world... places i would like to see? australia, japan, china, africa, south america, fiji, the caribbean, thailand, spain, greece. basically, the whole world...
  6. i want my travels (above) to have a purpose  other than sight seeing. i want to absorb the culture, love the people, and come away changed.
  7. i want to be completely debt free... except the house thing and even that would be nice to have all paid for.
  8. i hope to finally be organized in my life... i'm not really sure what that looks like, but not what it is now...
  9. learned to embrace my 30's for the fabulous time that everyone tells me they are and be perfectly content with entering my 40's (shudder, i'm so not ready for that)
  10. confidence. i am pretty confident but there are areas that i would like to see that grow in
there you have it. a list that i probably won't hold to but had lots of fun creating and thinking about. i am going to tag kellie, jessie, and  brooke. write away!


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  1. Oh, guuurl do I love this post! This line in particular "i was fat (this is important... it shaped who i am)". I so understand that. It has taken me ages to finally accept and love myself and when I read this post, it was just like a "I'VE FELT THIS WAY!!!" Weight really has shaped me and I'm so glad to see I'm not the only one. Your blog is so full of "ME TOO!" moments. Thanks for sharing!