Monday, March 15, 2010

i heart faces- bundled up

this weeks i{heart}faces challenge was a bit of a, well, challenge. i'm not much of a cold weather person and rarely go outside when the mercury dips below 75 (i kid... sort of). i have a handful of cold bundled up photos from when i taught at preschool, but i'm not super comfortable posting those full face kid pics without parent permission. so, after much internal debate, here is a photo i snapped of myself one night when it was snowing. so, while i don't have a bundled up winner, i have inspiration for next winter... (if i decide to go outside, that is!)

head on over to i heart faces to check out some amazing bundled up pics!


  1. Love the snowflakes in the hair. I love it when it snows big snowflakes. It feels like we are in God's big snow globe. Nice pic.