Monday, February 01, 2010

So nerve-wracking

This past Saturday I did my first maternity shoot. It was my friend, Tara's, sister. I drove up for the shower and stayed for the shoot. They were such troopers... it was about 15 degrees that day and they indulged me with a few shots at the playground.
I have to admit that I am super nervous about how these photos are going to be received. Here is a sneak peek of some. Please be honest but gentle; it's my first time.



  1. good for you! it's fun to have friends that will let you practice on them. do you have photographer friends? i would say that although the top photo is fun, i wouldn't necessarily guess that it's a maternity photo. do you know what i mean? when i think maternity photo, i think of showing off the belly. the bottom photo is fun! i would have maybe framed it so that it wasn't quite so close to the top of his head. but it's a great photo!! they look so happy. i want to see more of your photos! i have a friend on my fb page who is a non professional/professional photographer. she has a page for her photography. i love her stuff. she gives me great ideas and just looking at her stuff helps me to learn a little more. love your stuff susie!! i hope you keep at it!!


  2. Beautiful! I love them both, the only thing I could suggest would be more belly. Since there are only two posted I could be off on my perception there, it's hard to get a feeling for the whole shoot from just a couple shots.

  3. I like them both. Don't let the "when I think of maternity shoot, I think of lots of belly" comments get you down. Some moms-to-be might be shy when it comes to exposing their engorged, stretch mark-y bodies. Everybody's different. :)

  4. You know what, I think sarcasta is right too. Maternity shots are about the pregnancy of course but also about the mother, and your shots are very flattering to her.