Wednesday, January 20, 2010

A Heart for the Hurting

I had trouble waking up this morning. I was cranky, tired, and had a massive headache. I stumbled downstairs to start the coffee pot and to drink as much coffee as possible this morning. Then, I headed back upstairs to get on facebook and check twitter. I signed on to my email and saw this. Sometime this morning, the people of Haiti encountered another earthquake. Of 6.1 magnitude. That's almost as powerful as the one last Sunday that killed so many and left millions homeless and too many children to count as orphans. It just breaks my heart.
I know that many of have probably given through your local church or some other organization. But it's not enough. It may never be enough.
This is not a plug for any one organization. This is just a list of links to point you towards helping at a time when it feels like you can't do anything.

Food for the Hungry

Compassion International

The American Red Cross

Doctor's without Borders

These are just a few of the many organizations that are collecting money to aid those affected by the earthquake (now quakes) that have devastated a nation.

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