Thursday, August 13, 2009

Forgive me!

As I was so wonderfully reminded by Becca, I completely "forgot" to update my blog like promised. I say "forgot" because at one point I looked at it and thought, "Hmm, I should do that." And then promptly turned on the TV and got some ice cream. Mmmmm, ice cream. But, I digress.

Here's what's been going on in my life as late. I've been to the beach! OK, so it was just for one day, but I get to go down at least three more times before the summer is done. Here's a little pic...


That's what is going on vacation wise and that is it for trips until the BIG Disney trip at the end of November. Oh man! Am I ever excited! I go to this fabulous website everyday for tips on planning. If you are going, you should check this site out!

Oh, and one more thing that is going on in my life. I had an epiphany two weeks ago when I was baby sitting at a picnic. 9 kids between 3 and 7, paint under my finger nails, grass stains on my paints, wet hugs and I was hooked. I miss being around kids so, so much. Right, so what is this epiphany you ask? I have decided to go back to school to become a teacher. I contacted Eastern yesterday for help in the Grad school process and I will be working towards starting in the spring. I'm pretty stoked. It will probably take me between two and two and a half years to complete but I know it will be totally worth it. I was so glad to have this revelation that I even thanked the friend that had me over to watch the kids at her picnic.
The only thing that I am concerned about is (actually there are two things) and that is letting my bosses know my intention and being able to work, attend school, and not lose my mind completely!
So, that's what's going on for me this summer. Anyone else have big things happening?


  1. G's 'rents are in Disney RIGHT NOW! :P It's my father in-law's favorite vacation spot. They go all the at least twice a year, I think.

    It's so great that you've decided to go back to school. I always say that there's no way I'd ever go back, but I think that I could end up having an epiphany like you someday. Good luck!

  2. SUSIE!! Going back to school is fantabulistical!!! I am so happy for you! I know you will make the best darn teacher for any class of kids!