Saturday, July 11, 2009


So, today is 1 week until K&C's wedding!! So exciting! Tonight we are taking Kelli out for her Bachelorette Party. I won't reveal what we're doing on here because there is a chance that Kelli might see this, but my question is... what did you ladies do for your parties? Was it classy and chic? Laid back and chill? Rowdy and raucous? Do you think it becomes tit for tat- if the guys go to a strip club, the ladies should too? What about bachelorette party weekends?

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  1. I didn't want bachelorette party, so my MOH took me to see "Tony & Tina's Wedding" downtown. It was a fun surprise!

    I won't reveal all of Jay's shennanigens, but let's just say some of his bach party involved a school bus, 30 of his closest friends, and a Phillies game...

    I didn't feel the need to compete. I would have been mortified if my friends had taken me to a male strip club.