Wednesday, March 04, 2009

And so it goes

And goes and goes without ever stopping. Life. It moves on and we have the choice to either sit back and watch it fly by, ignorant and unaware of what we are missing, or we can pull up our big girl panties and dive in to live life to the fullest. I think for the last few years I have been living with the former as my attitude. It's not the most exciting way to be but it is, at it's most basic, being. But I don't want to live that way anymore. I want to indulge in all that life has to offer. I want to take chances and look foolish. I want to take risks and succeed. Why so contemplative this morning? I was reading over people's Tweets (thing you do on Twitter) and I was looking at friend's blogs and it made me realize something. That I have been content to watch from the sidelines. Well, no more. I am determined to take action. To celebrate life. To be brave and accept challenges as they come my way.
Keep my accountable. Help me to not sit idly by, content o watch others live. Encourage me to take action.
I'll keep you posted!


  1. So what are you going to do? What are some of your plans? Goals? Anything in particular you want to happen??? :)

    We're all here for you Susie!!!

  2. Plans and goals? I really want to improve my photography skills. Instead of going home after work, I want to go to a class or meet up with someone who can help me...

  3. Good Lord, sure took a chance with "Big Girl Panties"? Wow..... ;-)

  4. You TOTALLY rock. I LOVE watching you guys soar - Reach for the moon, you just might hit it!