Sunday, November 17, 2002

i am completely insoired by those who have made this list before's basically just a list of things about yourself. it's a tad narcissistic but it's okay every once in a while.

1) i am slightly introverted. anyone who knows would find that hard to believe. it's just that once you get to know me, i really open up and get crazy
2)i hate big crowds(see #1) i am so uncomfortable with groups larger than 20 and i hate forced meetings. i like to let things happen naturally and not because some college dean wants you to have the best experience of your life and the only way to do that is to have forced "mingling"
3)my family has this wierd dynamic where we actually like each other and we have loads of fun whenever we get together
4)one of my best friends right nnow is my little brother, he loves me unconditionally and would kick some guy's ass just for looking at me funny:)
5)i have a passion for taking pictures, something about being able to capture beauty(which is everything) on film makes me infinitely happy
6)i constanly have songs playing through my head, its like a soundtrack for my life
7)the person i miss more than anyone in the entire world would be my Nan...she died when i was 13, and i've missed her like crazy ever since
8)sometimes i wish i could go back to when i was 10, before puberty, before boys, before i had to make life decisions
9)i have never been in love...yet my heart has been broken more times than i can or would care to count
10)my older brother is a bum yet he somehow manages to make me love him for being exactly that
11)my mom and dad have worked incredibly hard to get me to where i am today and i will never EVER be able to thank enough
12)i would much rather be hot than cold but when i sleep i would rather it be cold so i can cuddle up under the blankets
13)i dont really have a favorite season, there are so many wonderful qualities about each of them that it would make it difficult to choose just one
14)i've wanted to live in Georgia since i was 12
15)my favorite music is country
16)i think that there is Southern blood running through my veins, thats the only explanation i have for why a city girl from philly would be inexplicibly drawn to the South and the southern way of life(see #14 & 15)
17)i got my dad's eyes, they change color depending on my mood. i love my eyes but always thought that no one could really see them because they were hidden by my big, huge glasses. now that i have little ones...:)
18)i have come to the realization that even if i am nothing in the worlds eyes, i am SOMEONE in God's eyes and thats a very humbling realization
19)i sometimes feel invisible
20)to cover the distance that has been put between two people, someone has to take the first step and it might as well be me
21)my absolute favorite thing to do when i am home is to put the race on, get my blanket, and nap on the couch while my brother and father are watching the race.
22)actually, correction, my absolute favorite thing to do would be to hang out with my dad:)
23)i still don't know what i want to do with my life and i am okay with that, but if you ask me again in one year when i am only a month from graduation and i still dont know, i will probably be singing a different tune.
24)people i miss tons and would LOVE to see right now;LeeAnn(in S.C.) and Jessie(in Italy)
25)(note:this one is VERY slef-centered) i love when i walk into a room and people say hi to me, its kind of like a validation that i actually DO have friends
26)i was the biggest loser from 4th grade until i went to comm. college. it started when i started listening and caring to what other people thought about me and it stopped when i realized that those people don't matter...hmmm, funny how that works.

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